justin-picture“After 20 plus years in the auto industry, and hearing story upon story of bad experiences at other shops, I worked for the last 15 years to create a professional, comfortable, no pressure auto repair and service experience for everyone. All of our services have been designed with you in mind!

Extreme Auto Service … We Work For You!”

Justin Manning, Owner

EAS Logo 200xTypes of Vehicles:

  • Import & Domestic: Fleet and Personal Services
  • SUV & Mini Van
  • 4×4 service & repair

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Tune-ups
  • Hoses/Filters

Major Repair:

  • Major Engine Repair & Replacement
  • Complete Drive Train Repair


  • Computer Diagnosis
  • “No-start” Experts
  • Leak Repairs

Engine Service:

  • Cooling Systems/Water Pumps/Radiators
  • Timing Belts/Fan Belts
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning/Repair


  • Ignition Diagnosis and Repair
  • Batteries/Starters/Alternators
  • Electrical/Lights


  • Transmission Service/Repair
  • Clutches/Differential Repairs

Brakes, etc.

  • Brakes/Shocks/Struts
  • C V Boots & Axles
  • Suspension and Front-end Repair

Extended warranty service:

  • We work with extended warranty for you.


  • Emission Repair / Testing
  • Mufflers/Exhaust System

Safety & Comfort:

  • Air Conditioning/Heater
  • Windows/Auto Glass/Wipers


  • Technical Service Bulletins
  • Safety Inspections
  • Factory Recall Information

Our goal is to work as one team, to help you manage your vehicle ownership experience, by being your advocate. Using our knowledge and experience to help you make the best informed decision on your vehicle needs. We believe that a lifetime relationship with you, is the key to understanding your needs and fulfilling those needs, every time.

  • We employ Master ASE Certified Technicians
  • We are A Certified County Emissions Repair Facility
  • Our Staff is required to take continuing automotive training, to stay up to date for you!
  • We believe you should expect more than you have ever experienced at any other repair or maintenance facility. From our 24 month – 24,000 mile warranty, our On-Demand Shuttle Service to helping you with any automotive related questions, we are here for you!


Your Consumer Protection Advocate

4 Easy Steps to Save Money on Auto Repaircpadvocate

It truly drives us nuts when we hear of people not being treated professionally and honestly. We are interested in seeing that everyone is being treated fairly and honestly with regards to vehicle repairs.

  1. Tender Lovin’ Care: Customers with a vehicle on the road with over 150,000 miles plus, know that regular maintenance is what got them there. Lack of maintenance is one of the top reasons major repairs are needed. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”
  2. Don’t Delay, Get Problems Looked at Right Away: At the first sign of an abnormal noise, a drip on the ground, a burning smell or a warning light, get it looked at. A minor repair post poned, can turn into a major repair down the road. With honest informative information, you can decide to repair now or later. There are many issues that will not cause other expenses if you let them go for a while. Don’t ever allow a shop to scare you into a repair, if you drove it in you can drive it out and get a second opinion.
  3. Get Your Money’s Worth: By law if a repair is within 10 percent of the original bid it falls within the “fudge factor”. However if the price is different from the original bid at all (with the exception of sales tax or if they called, explained, and received your approval for additional needs) you should question your bill, as well as the integrity of the shop working on your car.
  4. How You Are Treated: If a problem arises is the shop immediately defensive? Are you talked down to or even blamed? If so, it doesn’t sound like they stand behind their work and are willing to take care of you! Things can happen, especially when working on cars that have some miles on them. However you paid good money to have your car fixed, and if you are having the same problem, YOU should be taken care of.

We are your Davis County auto repair consumer protection advocate!



Extreme Auto ServiceAuto Repair Consumer Protection Advocate

Consumer Protection Tip

Consumer Protection Tip

Never give a shop authorization to tear down your motor or transmission without a worst case scenario bid, before they start. That way you can make a decision based on that price and not some beginning point low price. Once torn down, you are stuck. Complete auto repair serving Kaysville, Fruit Heights, Farmington, Centerville, Bountiful, Woods Cross and surrounding communities. Auto Repair from people who care.

Service with you in mind! Just over the bridge in Centerville.

Car repairs are never something you look forward to. I am grateful that when I have to bring my car in for repairs, I can bring it to Extreme Auto. Having a place you can trust means everything. Justin always explains things so well, and never pressures, only advises and recommends. I am always impressed with the quick and kindly service. If you have to wait at the shop, I love the comfortable waiting room with a fun place for the kids to play, or watch TV.

Mark Taylor


“We never liked the old shop we used to go to, but we didn’t know of anywhere else in town. After our first experience with Extreme Auto, we were hooked. They’ve been wonderful. We will continue to use them for any of our auto needs, and will recommend all of friends do the same :).”

Whitney Riddle Ennis