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During This Troubling Time With COVID-19 We Are Still Open During Our Regular Business Hours To Help Our Clients And Our Community!

We are passionate about making sure people are treated honestly and fairly.  Whether you use our service or not our team of professionals are here to help. 

Convenience is one of the tools we use, and here is how!

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"The shop where friends don’t let friends go elsewhere for repair."

Extreme Auto Service Creates the best auto repair experience!

We welcome Farmington, Centerville, Bountiful, & Nearby Utah residents to enjoy our stellar repair services. Our goal is to work together to best manage your vehicle ownership experience.  As your advocate we will help educate and advise so you can make the best informed decision on anything auto related. Our goal is to build lifetime relationships by listening and keeping your best interest in mind 

Call our Service Advisors today for assistance with any noise, check engine light, or routine maintenance needs! We are here to help!

What Our Clients Say…

Vehicle repairs are never something anyone looks forward to. Having a place you can trust means everything. See for yourself what our wonderful clients have to say about their recent experience with our stellar team of competent mechanics.

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Why choose us for your repairs?
  • We do far more than any other service shop in the valley to fulfill our customer’s needs. 
  • We do this by learning from you and continuously innovating to improve our service, with a goal to eliminate all pains related to taking care of your transportation needs.
  • Our repeat business is higher than 95%.

Noticing anything different than normal such as a noise, vibration, something not working or a warning light on?  

Some issues, if left for later because you may not be noticing a difference in the way the car is running right now, can become a bigger and more expensive issue if left un-repaired. 

We like to tell our clients that taking care of your vehicle repairs is much like proper oral hygiene. In other words, it’s better to fix your car when it has a cavity (small issue) than when it needs a root canal (full component replacement / major repair).

Have a question?  Within a few minutes, over the phone or via our "got a question" button we should be able provide and idea if it is something you should get looked at sooner rather than later. 

 We’d love to see you in our shop soon and are happy to provide you with great results where other shops and mechanics have fallen short.