Extreme Auto Service is paying close attention to the situation involving COVID-19 (Coronavirus). For Details on how we are managing this situation click here.

During the next few weeks, Extreme Auto Service is limiting lobby access and Client Advisors are rotating working from home to help limit the number of people in the office.

  • We are still taking on any and all needed repairs or maintenance. 
  • We are still able to diagnose and perform our Safety and Reliability Inspection

Our Client Advisors are still available via text and phone during our normal business hours.  They will still be working to contact you with any information on your vehicle within two hours.  If you prefer to talk in person, we can call you via Zoom meeting. 

How are we keeping your vehicle clean and sanitized?

  • When we take delivery of your vehicle whether at your house or if you dropped at the shop we are taking the following steps
  • YES!  Also if cost has now become a concern we completely understand.  We are working with our vendors and technicians to help with cost as much as possible.  Our goal during this is to keep all of our staff employed.  So, letting us pick up your car and getting work done allows our technicians to keep working and gets you the best deals possible.
  • Plus during this time, we are able to run any additional errands you might have.  We can run to the grocery store, pet store, or anything else that is close by on our way back with your car.  We will ensure to use gloves and wipe down before we drop your car. 
  • Best option is to click here whether you want to drop or have us pick up
  • Calling or texting us with the best option is always a good idea if you aren’t sure what to do.
    • Clean keys before handling
    • Wipe door handle when opening and all points of contact inside the vehicle
    • Place seat cover over your seat along with floor mat
    • Repeat wiping points of contact with all people entering and exiting
    • If you desire, we will perform an Ozone interior sterilization open completion of repairs and service.
    • End each service with a wipe down of all points of contact and clean keys

Is it a good idea to get service or repairs during this time?

How can I get my car there without having to have contact?

    • If you drop off you can leave keys in the car and call to give us any info we need.  We will follow the above steps as we write-up your vehicle.
    • If we come to pick up your vehicle, we recommend leaving keys in it.

Extreme Auto Service is committed to our clients and supporting them in any way possible. We are here to help in any way possible as we wait out the Coronavirus scare.  Don’t hesitate to call or text with any automotive related questions that you might have.  If there is a specific step for cleanliness you would like us to take, please ask. We will do everything we can to ensure you feel we are keeping you safe.

While we can't contain the Coronavirus, nor change all its effects, we are committed to trying to make a difference wherever possible. In times of uncertainty, it is most important to stay connected to your own customer base. Now is the perfect time to be creative with your branding. It's crucial that you send the right message to your clients. We want to ensure your customers that your business is up and running.

**If you feel that there are other ways in which we could support you in your efforts, please let us know.

We want to Thank You for your business and loyalty to Extreme Auto Service!

Have a Great Day!